Lewis Controls Customer Commitment:

Electric Infeed Edger Upgrade:

When it became clear that their existing Edger Optimizer vendor was no longer able to service their system, Mike Roberts at Mill River Lumber in North Clarenden Vermont thought about the level of startup and service and commitment he received when he bought his Readyscan 3d Carriage Scanner. He made the choice once again to put Lewis Controls back to work for him.

The scope of the two part project included new optimization tied to an existing scanner and a complete overhaul of a complex control system. The unique nature of the Silvatec infeed with seven independently controlled infeed spotting chains mixed with set of conventional hydraulic linear positioners proved to be quite a challenge for the Lewis team.

With proper preparation and a three man team on site the conversion was completed over a one week shutdown. The system has consistently produced for Mike since the first day of production.