Lewis Controls Scanner Upgrade:

LMI Chromascan Introduction:

While others vendors have chosen to continue using technology with roots planted firmly in the 1990s, Lewis has once again stepped ahead of the competition with our Readyscan II, now featuring LMIs latest sensor, the Chromascan 2440. The 2440 is short and compact, covering 2of scan length. Lasers are spaced on 6 centers. The net result is that combined with the unique Readyscan II Scan and Set in motion software, data collection time is cut in half.

In addition to speed, LMI is so confident in the ruggedness of their new sensor, they are offering a full 5 year factory warranty on the whole Chromascan 2400 series of heads.

The Readyscan II with Chromascan is now available as a complete system or as a conversion from a Readyscan I.

The fastest system on the market today just got faster.