Lewis Controls ReadyScan Carriage Optimizers:

Lewis Controls latest generation of carriage optimizer has been designed from the ground up to be the most productive system in the market today and into the future. For the best results look no further than our Readyscan carriage system. Based on Intel® processors and Windows® software to insure performance and reliability. the Readyscan is available today with three levels of scanning.
ShapeScan - Incorporating the LMI Chromascan laser scanner, the ShapeScan collects data over a 120° contour of the log, every one inch along the log's length. Using this contour map of the log, each opening of the log is optimized based on your particular requirements. Proven results of up to 6% increase in recovery and up to two saw lines per minute in production over photocell type scanning systems have been reported.

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Shape Scan Laser Lines
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Retrofit Scan Frame View
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Rear Scan Frame View

PECScan - With several hundred systems in operation our photocell scanner has proven itself to be a solid performer for over 20 years. Fast, simple, and easy to maintain, the PECScan uses photocells spaced on 6" centers along the leading edge of the log to gather information about the profile of the log. This information is then used to set taper and open each face of the log quickly and efficiently. The PECScan can easily be upgraded to our ShapeScan over a weekend.

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PEC Scanner for
a Tilt Carriage
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New Readyscan
Controls Cabinet
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Chipper with
PEC Scanner

360Scan - This optimization setup uses offline scanning to generate a 360° model of the log. The gathered data is then utilized in a pre-carriage optimization process. Taking into account the log orientation and the log shape the best cutting rotation of the log is calculated to ensure the highest lumber yield. A mark is then painted onto the log to visually notify the operator of the best angle of loading.

Never before has a carriage optimizer been so simple to maintain and yet produce the results you expect as our Readyscan Carriage Optimizer. Easy to use Windows® menus allow you to control the product mix sawn at the carriage, adjust your opening face requirements based on grade and maximize the performance of your carriage system. Together with our unique and easy to operate and understand controls package, you will be getting results from the start.
Our Performance Report Package in database format gives management the tools to review the mill's performance today, as well as over specific time periods in the past. Included in these reports are log statistics, downtime, and carriage performance.
Maintenance and troubleshooting are always a concern. That's why we incorporate easy to use troubleshooting tools with all of our ReadyScan carriage systems. These include our online manual, straight forward troubleshooting screens, knowledgeable 24/7 phone support, and virtual modem or ethernet access to Lewis Controls.