TYRONE Electric: AC Re-Gen Carriage Drive

The outcome of a joint venture between Lewis Controls and our parent company, Corley Manufacturing. The TYRONE AC Re-Gen carriage drive uses a state of the art liquid cooled drive, a permanent magnet motor, a rugged drum assembly and an integrated PLC.

Payback from the the TYRONE AC Re-Gen Carriage Drive can be seen through:

  • Energy Efficiency:
    • With the Allen Bradley Re-Gen Drive, we are able to return the energy produced during a breaking cycle, back to the mill power grid. This results in lower power consumption and lower energy bills.
  • Increased Production:
    • By pre spotting the carriage in the log load zone, the operator is no longer wasting time trying to line the carriage and the log up.
    • Increased carriage speed can be achieved by increasing the speed of the carriage when there is no log on the carriage or when the carriage is coming back without going through the saw.
  • Low Maintenance Costs:
    • With a liquid cooling system, the drive is able to minimize the effects of dust particles clogging up any air filters.
    • Cable life is increased through better control of the accelerations and decerations of the carriage.
    • The drum has been designed to minimize any un-balanced forces upon it. Inverted cable wrapping and two internal fetter rings are both in place to minimize the chance of any drum assemble wear.

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Drive Cabinet
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Drum, Gear Box,
and Motor Assemble